Cash Recyclers and Their Benefits


Retail cash management

When a business must handle large amounts of cash during the course of a business day, as banks and large retailers do, there is a certain amount of risk that comes along with every transaction, and from a variety of sources. The obvious, of course, is theft, but there is also simple human error, especially since there is generally more than one person involved. Money counter machines reduce the degree to which mistakes can impact cash flow, but they do not eliminate it, nor the increased chance of theft with the temptation of an open vault. A newer machine that makes a great difference in this area are cash recyclers. Here is an explanation of what they do and why they are beneficial.

What Is A Cash Recycler?

A cash recycler is a machine that can both receive and dispense cash to customers. It accurately counts money deposited into it and, when a dispersal is needed, it does this from the same funds, eliminating the need for a vault transaction. At its most basic, a cash recycler is simply a money counter machine, but one with the ability to benefit banks and retailers in valuable ways.

Benefits of Cash Recycling

One valuable task that a a currency recycler accomplishes is counterfeit detection. By eliminating that issue, the machine saves an untold amount of money that would otherwise be lost during counterfeit transactions. Employing one of these machines also allows for better customer service. First, it reduces the time for each transaction through automation. Second, employees are less likely to be taken away from helping customers by a need to withdraw or deposit funds into the vault. Superior customer service then leads to greater customer loyalty and usually to higher revenues as well. The increased security granted by the use of cash recyclers is also a valuable benefit. The money that sits inside the machine is locked down, drastically reducing the rate of internal theft of robbery, and, in the case of robbery, the extra security means added time for law enforcement to arrive on scene.
Clearly, the positive aspects of these money counter machines can be used to assist many businesses of varying size and type. If there are situations where a sizable amount of cash is handled during the course of business, then a cash recycling system might be a rewarding investment.

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