Do You Have a Great Idea for a New Business?


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  • Wet and wild amusement park. As families look for more local attractions to visit on shorter vacations, your business idea is to attract people to a refurbished and updated water park that is for sale. With a calendar of increasingly warmer days in your region, you believe that you will, at least every three years, be able to stay open as much as two weeks longer than the previous owner?s schedule. With the addition of an indoor diving tank, you also plan to schedule year round high school and club team diving practices and maybe even host a couple of competitions.
  • Horses have always been your love. With the addition of a new section of land that you have purchased, you want to start providing a location for other riders to board their horses. Your oldest daughter would like to use your indoor riding arena to start giving lessons to young horse enthusiasts as well. If things go as planned, you are hoping to start a business that could be in the family for years.
  • A combination bookstore and coffee shop has always been your dream. Purchasing an available space downtown may be your perfect opportunity.
  • Taffy, chocolate and other sweets have always you?re your specialties. In fact, you have a growing list of friends and family members who order your home created candies for holidays and birthdays.

  • Internet cafes are a thing of the past, but you still believe that many like minded techies would love a space to gather, share ideas, and plan for new ones. With a simple open concept office space you would like to provide an affordable think tank space for others. Your plan is to add a couple of conference rooms in your current space and make these available to others through word of mouth and reliable referrals.
  • Story ideas are your strength. You want to open a small writer?s cafe were you can create and rent rooms to other free thinkers.

  • Magic shop and magician lessons.
  • Yellow fabric. Yellow paper crafts. Not to mention life coaching for a sunny disposition.

  • Ice cream flavors offered like specialty donuts. Only open until the three flavors offered each day sell out!
  • Delivery service. You will only need a small office space to operate your command center for coordinating the deliveries of goods and services throughout your community.
  • Easy to understand photography classes for both professional and mateur photographers.
  • Ask me what to do in the big city and I will connect you with the greatest tour guides and attractions.

  • Wellness counseling. After a health scare that included a near heart attack, you have used your new knowledge of both diet and exercise to completely transform yourself. With a team of doctors and trainers, your new company will help you share your experience and enthusiasm with others.
  • One of the biggest small business opportunities is repairing cell phone and tablet screens. Provide this service both expertly and quickly and you have the perfect business plan.
  • Researching business valuation software can help you reach your investment goals.
  • Tea shops are the rage in many big cities. You want to open one in your small town.
  • Hooka lounge!

No business is going to start well without proper knowledge of how to value a company and determine its financial needs. With the use of business valuation software, however, many individuals can determine these valuations themselves. Small business valuation software can not only be used to determine the asking price of a business that you are preparing to sell. It can also be used to help determine the buying price of a current business that you are interested in. Additionally, business valuation software can be used to help determine the kind of financing that you might need to start your next company, whether you are starting from scratch or taking over someone else’s enterprise.
The two most important starting points when establishing a company’s business worth include understanding why the business valuation is needed and assembling the required information. Working in reverse, this information can also help you understand the financial details of starting a new business or purchasing an existing company.
Given that only 47% of Americans trust their bank, it might be worth your time to use business evaluation software to determine your own projections about What Is My Idea Worth?

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