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From offices to studios to factories and more, commercial real estate is what keeps a roof over the heads of many American businesses. How and why you shop for commercial real estate depends entirely on the type of business you’re doing, where you’re located and how much the appearance of the property matters to your business. The same building that serves well as an office might lack the flair that would make an inviting restaurant. And with many sites traded in commercial real estate, special development may be needed before the property can be used to serve its new purpose.

This is where you’ll find yourself seeking the services of a real estate developer. A commercial real estate developer is a professional who specializes in making properties functional and salable. This can mean that they’re actually creating the development from the ground up, or alternatively that they’re renovating an existing property to serve a totally new purpose, or at least to meet a new set of standards. Just as anyone shopping for commercial real estate may have an overpowering array of choices for finished properties, a developer has a wealth of unfinished, undeveloped properties to choose from and must assess the potential of each.

Commercial real estate can also mean investing big money in big properties like large office complexes, full housing developments, medical parks or the intimidating high rises you’ll see watching over the downtown of any major city. Groups like American Real Estate Partners invest in assets that can be measured in square feet. They use their concentrated spending power to secure major properties as passive owners, then employ land developers and other contractors to bring their properties to life.

Commercial real estate is a game of big investments and big chances, but the enduring need for commercial properties all over the U.S. makes it an exciting game for those who play to win.

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