From Dinars to Dollars and Back Aagain


Iraqi dinar to us dollar

Today, it is no secret that converting dinars to dollars will make you money, because although over the years the U.S. dollar has lost some worth, it still holds much more than the money of Iraq. Foreign currency trading is popular, just like stocks, and there is definitely money to be made in it if done correctly.

Back in 2002, when the Central Bank of Iraq first issued a 10,00 dollar diner note for larger and inter bank transactions, investing in dinar with U.S. money was a solid choice. But many traders today all over the internet are claiming that it may be time to trade that dinar back in because this may be the last time to make some serious money from the investment.

A dinar can be broken up into fils, but due to inflation, a the fil is considered to be obsolete. The Iraqi dinar has been produced in several denominations, and color schemes, and is protected by authenticates just as most countries have to prevent easily printing money, so currency trading is considered to be fairly safe.

Since dinar investments were only recently became available for several countries, including the U.S., majority of dinars to dollars investors are ex military personal or war zone contractor, which makes complete sense. You would only invest in a certain currency if you have a purpose or reasoning of use behind it.


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