Why Attorney Reputation Management Matters for Your Firm


What puts your law firm at an advantage over your leading competitor? When placed into a search engine, how does your firm stack up against other options for your clients? 9 out of 10 law firms see a huge disadvantage in their online presence. Attorney reputation management is a crucial marketing strategy to give your firm an edge in the market.

The number one way to improve your reputation management is to implore your clients to leave you positive reviews about their experience working with you. It can feel uncomfortable to ask this of them but there is no alternative to having them post their opinions about your services.

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If possible, request that they post across multiple platforms rather than limiting their review to a single website.

These reviews will boost your firm in a couple of ways. First, they will make it easier for clients to find your business on the internet. Having reviews actually increases your web page’s ranking in search engine results. Second, it increases interest in your business. Once a prospective customer has clicked on your site, they will be more likely to contact you after learning about other people’s positive experiences.


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