Why You Need a Commercial Realtor


Commercial real estate

Did you know that 95 percent of commercial real estate sales are handled by licensed commercial real estate agents? In fact, there is not even a commercial real estate listing with multiple properties for commercial real estate sales. Basically, unless you work with a licensed commercial real estate agent you won’t even access to or knowledge of the properties available for sale.

American Real Estate partners has a versatile and experienced staff on hand if you are in need of a commercial realtor or consultant. American Real Estate Partners is a fully integrated private real estate investment company operating in major markets along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Its founders, including Brian l Katz, have assembled one of the most experienced real estate platforms nationwide.

Brian l katz is one of the co founding partners of American Real Estate Partners and serves as the firm’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Brian has extensive experience, and was involved in the sourcing, acquiring and financing of the approximately $1.8 billion of office, industrial and residential assets, acquired by American Real Estate Partners. Brian l katz has helped to acquire properties nation wide, including Washington, D.C. and its Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Raleigh Durham.

Whether you choose to work with Brian l Katz at American Real Estate Partners, or anywhere else, working with a commercial realtor is the best way to ensure you are able to access all of the commercial properties available to you. Use word of mouth references as well as online directory guides to begin your search. Look for signs of an experienced realtor, including group affiliations and letters of recommendations. Consider a firms’ history, as well as reputation, skills, and tools. Skills and tools involve planning, research and organizational skills. Finally, go with your gut. No amount of research will compare to a gut feeling, so if you think it is right, than go with it. Reviews of Brian Katz may say one thing, and you may feel another. Go with what works with your budget and needs, and you will find your realtor experience will be that much easier.

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