Why You Should Opt For a Retail Display With a Difference


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Grabbing your customers? attention can make or break a retail outlet. Creative store display ideas can make all the difference in attracting customers to your store. In fact, as much as 82% of people decide what to buy when they are in the store and as much as 16% of all unplanned buys result from retail displays that they happen upon during shopping, according to a study conducted in 2014 by Mass Merchant.

Given that the average potential customer is exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages every single day, the need to differentiate your promotional message is even more pressing and in-store displays can help store owners do just that.

While traditional store displays are effective, unique store display ideas can set your product apart and make it even more attractive to possible customers. Whether you opt for a creative display using mounted chairs and coat hangers to bring your clothing promotion to life or use a jumble of rustic crates to create a country feel to your tasting sample display, moving beyond shelves and tables is likely to make customers take notice.

For most shoppers, decisions are a quick process. In fact, it takes between three and seven seconds for a customer to choose whether to opt for their regular brand or choose a competitor. An eye-catching product stand can help that shopper decide to take a chance on a new product or reinforce their brand preference.

Impulse buying can be spurred on by interesting retail display fixtures. We tend to make as much as six to 10 impulse purchases during each shop. Signage is vital to that process, even when a product is not on sale. Signage can improve the sales of full-priced merchandise by as much as 18% and studies by a variety of organizations have shown that on average products that are marked with signage outsell those without by as much as 20%.

Investing in exciting store display ideas does not have to mean spending a great deal. Some of the most interesting displays have been created by recycling and reusing items such as old chairs, crates and other items that might have otherwise been on their way to the landfill. A coat of paint, some fabric and bright colors can give even the shabbiest of items a new lease of life so that it can find a home in your shop display stand.

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