What To Know When You Post Bail


If you are interested in knowing what posting bail includes, you may want to follow some tips for what it means to post bail and what to expect. You may have heard of someone you know posting bail, or you may need advice for personal reasons. Regardless, you should check out how jail bonds work and what happens when posting bail.

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When someone posts bail, this option is only available for non capitol offenses, meaning the crime is not eligible for the death penalty. For a capitol crime, judges may be afforded to use their own judgement to decide whether bail can be posted or not in that situation. Not being able to post bail oftentimes occurs because the finances are not available, which results in waiting for your hearing in jail. If you are able to make bail, you can be released until the hearing and could possibly get the money for the bail back at the end of the trial if you show up for every hearing. If a family member can help, they may be able to get a bail bond from a bail bondsman for putting up an item for collateral.

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