Why It is Better to Do Your Own Plumbing


The thought of doing your own plumbing can be daunting. However, there is new technology that makes it easier than ever to do your own plumbing. This could save you an incredible amount of money instead of hiring a plumber. This rule doesn’t just apply to plumbing.

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The more skills that you can learn to do on your own, the more money you are going to save. If you don’t consider yourself very handy, it is never too late to learn. All it takes is that one step to start learning. The rest will follow. In this instance, the first step is determining which type of piping you need. In this video, you will learn about the different types of piping.

The most user-friendly piping on the market is known as PEX piping. It is becoming more and more popular for several reasons. Most importantly, it is easy to use. It is very flexible so it can be bent instead of having to use joints. It also works with wonderful push-to-connect fittings so that you can use as much PEX as you need for your project. The cost is also a good deal. It is about the same cost as CPVC pipes, but you can install them yourself.


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