Is it a Good Time to Buy a House?


Buying a house is a high point in many peoples’ lives. However, there has been a lot less house buying in recent years. This is mostly because the prices of houses have gone up and many people have lost their main source of income due to the pandemic. The pandemic has also hurt delicate supply chains for crucial supplies such as timber. Now that the pandemic has settled down and supply chains are ramping up, is it still a good time to buy a house? In this video, you will find out.

Even though supply chains are ramping up and people are recovering from the pandemic, the houses are still expensive. It really comes down to a problem of supply and demand.

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The supply is still relatively low and the demand may even be higher now. This is because everyone has been holding off on buying a house. Therefore, houses are still expensive. So, should you wait to buy a house. Actually, you should go ahead and buy a house whenever you can afford it. The housing market may get cheaper with time, but this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. You could be waiting a while.


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