Basic Training Around Finance for Facilities Managers


Facilities managers are expected to do a lot for the companies that they work for. The list of responsibilities that these individuals are responsible for continues to grow all the time. Right now, finance for facilities managers is a big topic of conversation and discussion among many in the industry. Thus, it is a good idea to make sure that we go over some of the types of things that might be expected of a facilities manager in today’s world.

Learning About Electronic Recycling Programs

Interestingly, one of the things that play into finance for facilities managers is a knowledge of the electronic waste recycling programs that are available in their area. Some people are confused about why this is something that they might need to concern themselves with at this time. It is important to look at these programs because they are specifically designed to help people save more money for their companies, and that is certainly an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on.

Believe it or not, there are companies that will pay money to those who turn over old electronics for recycling. Why do they do this? It is because they understand that those electronics still have value to them, and getting the value extracted from those electronics is something that they want to do.

A company that pays for recycled electronics might use the spare parts to create anything from EV chargers to new batteries for other electronics. It is a lengthy process that requires the company to bring those parts down to their most basic form before they can be used. You don’t need to worry yourself with the specific details of how companies use the recycled parts that you provide them. The most important thing for finance for facilities managers is that they can earn extra income for their company by recycling certain parts.

How Recycled Auto Parts Can Be Valuable

You’ll want to make sure that you look around for automotive parts that you can recycle while you are at it. Once again, learning about finance for facilities managers means looking to extract value out of anything and everything that you have available to you. Plenty of facilities managers discover that they have spare automotive parts lying around their facility that can be converted into cash when they pair up with a willing buyer.

Golf cart companies may discover that they possess a number of automotive parts that they aren’t using. They might have ordered too many of a certain kind of part, or they might not have use for the specific parts that are available to them at the moment. Either way, they need to take action to get those parts recycled to a company that truly can use them. When they do this, they can get paid for the hardware that was just collecting dust up to this point.

Rule number one of finance for facilities managers is that they shouldn’t allow inventory to waste away when they can turn it into something profitable. That is why looking for a customized recycling program that can pay you the most for the recycled automotive parts you have is best.

Look at the Software You Are Using

Is the software you are using right now the best possible software for your needs? How will you even determine the answer to something like this? That is what so many people are asking themselves as they go over their software needs. If you don’t know which kind of software you have now, or if you aren’t sure if it is doing the best possible job for you, it is time to investigate it.

The process of finance for facilities managers means looking at how software plays a role in getting everyone the results that they need from the software products that they use to manage their facilities.

Not only is it necessary to look at the manufacturing resource planning software that you have from a cost perspective, but it is important to think about how much money it might be saving you at the same time. When you look at it in its totality like this, you can create a situation for yourself where you understand what you are actually spending to maintain that software.

Yes, software does cost you some money, but it might also save money if it is great software that keeps track of important dynamics such as inventory levels. Thus, you don’t want to jump too quickly to scrap your software if you aren’t sure about its quality. Make sure you give it proper consideration before jumping to any conclusion about it one way or the other.

finance for facilities managers includes managing moving expenses

Getting Quality Movers at a Good Price

A hot topic among many facilities managers right now is moving expenses. One of the elements of finance for facilities managers is to think about how much it costs to hire affordable movers. One of the biggest reasons why they are concerned with this topic right now is because the existence of remote work has made everyone have to rethink how they house their employees and what they can do to make those processes better. Simply put, there are a lot of companies that are thinking of moving their office locations around.

The finance for facilities managers lesson to be learned here is how to balance the desire to save money with the need to get quality movers who can get the office picked up and moved somewhere else. The point is that one must balance their need for getting their items moved to where they need to go.

Great movers will be highly recommended by those who have used them in the past. They will also be able to back their services up with an insurance policy that guarantees their work. Remember, they might be moving some of your most valuable equipment from place to place. If something happens in transit, you need to have the ability to hold them accountable. One way that you can get to that point is to put your trust in a company that has insurance to back itself up.

To begin the process of finding a company that can do this is to look at what other people say about those companies. Online reviews are useful to an extent. You shouldn’t necessarily put your full trust in what someone randomly says on the Internet, but it might be a good enough place to start. At the very least, you will be able to pick up some valuable opinions that are outside of what you hear from the company itself.

Find Container Rental Businesses You Can Trust

In the journey to get all of your business possessions taken care of in exactly the way that you need to, you must consider the value that container rental companies can provide to you. After all, there is something to be said for getting a storage container where you can stick some of the possessions that your company needs to use no matter where it goes.

Many companies end up looking for help from container rental companies because they need to store away some of their items while looking for new office spaces. The finance for facilities managers’ lesson here is that short-term storage is perfectly acceptable when it comes to moving items from one location to another. In fact, storage of your items in a rental unit makes a lot more sense from a cost perspective than trying to find long-term storage solutions that you have to pay completely out of pocket. Most people recognize that fact, and that is why they are happy to call container rental companies.

Most of these companies will offer you terms that are flexible and reasonable for your needs. Speak with the people behind these companies to see what kind of rental terms they can offer you and see if that lines up with what you need out of your rental storage requirements.

Setting Up a Gate System

Did you know that you can potentially save money by monitoring who comes into and out of your building? It is true. You can minimize the amount of traffic congestion around your office by having a better idea of how the parking situation works. This is a hidden tip of finance for facilities managers. If you set up automatic gates to control the flow of traffic around the office, you can monitor how that traffic flows in and out more effectively.

There are costs associated with setting up automatic gates, but they are also a treasure to have. They make life a lot easier for you because you always know exactly where people are within your organization. You can provide them with the access that they need to get into your building without any hassle.

Automatic gates can be set up with monitoring and tracking technology as well so that you can control the flow of traffic throughout your business complex.

Knife Exchange Programs Gain Traction

You probably need to be in the restaurant industry to have heard of a knife exchange program. This is because these programs primarily serve the food industry. They are useful because they make it possible for one to get their knives sharpened in just the ways that they need them to be. You can have full confidence that the knives that you get sharpened will be back in full working order for you in no time at all.

Many people consider this to be part of finance for facilities managers because getting knives sharpened is less expensive than purchasing all new knives every time you need to get some of them for your place of business. Cutlery is such an important part of the restaurant and food service business that it just makes sense that companies would be interested in protecting the tools that they use on a regular basis. Therefore, make sure you look at a knife exchange program as a potential way to save some money for your company.

These programs are designed to provide equipment back to their users without the need to replace all of the equipment so regularly. Facility managers should look at these programs and the potential that they offer to people who might want to use the program to get the tools that they need for chopping up the food that they intend to serve to their customers.


finance for facilities managers includes the latest software tools

The Latest Software Tools

It is also recommended that all facilities managers focus on using the latest software to help them manage the tasks that they are responsible for. Software products exist that help facilities managers keep all of the tasks that they need under control. Many of those tools are specifically designed to help with the finance for facilities managers. They make it easier to monitor inventory levels, keep tabs on staffing levels, and so much more. Overall, these tools are designed to make life easier for a facilities manager, and that is why such tools should be investigated from time to time.

Make sure you do a comparison between the latest software tools on the market today to see how they stack up against each other. Companies are constantly releasing new ones as they seek to outdo the competition and provide their customers with the latest services that they need. We highly recommend that you take a look at these options often and compare them to one another to see how they stack up.

Stay Organized

Finally, you should put extra focus on remaining organized in the work that you do. The better you are at keeping your records in order, the better your outcomes will be. When you have an orderly way of doing things, you cannot fail. The people who are the most successful when it comes to taking care of their tasks are those who know that they must look at the flow of their projects. Stay on top of it to keep your finance for facilities managers in order.

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